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Dodo x Bitfrost giveaway

DODO is a next-gen decentralized exchange and Bifrost is the Polkadot Ecological DeFi basic protocol.

DODO and Bifrost are jointly airdropping 3.125 USDT and 0.9187 DODO each to 800 lucky winners for easy social tasks.

Steps to claim Giveaway

Visit the DODO x Bifrost

Submit your details and sign up.

Increase your chances of winning by completing all the social tasks.

Also submit your BSC address ( You can either use your ETH Address or You can also create it using Trust Wallet ).

800 lucky winners will get 3.125 USDT and 0.9187 DODO each.

Rewards will be distributed to lucky winners by May 14.

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Coinsbit is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange. They aim to provide secure and faster transaction speeds.

Coinsbit is airdropping 300$ CNG tokens to new users. Create an account at Coinsbit and complete your KYC verification to receive the tokens. Also get CNG Token for each referral and if your friend invites another friend and an extra CNG if your friend’s referral invites another friend.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Create an account at Coinsbit.
Verify your mail and log in.
Complete your KYC verification.
You will get CNG tokens.
Your referrals also need to complete their KYC to be eligible for the referral rewards.




grise token

Grise Token Airdrop prize pool is worth 27,000 GRISE tokens (~$ 6,000).

About Grise Token

Grise Token features the best-in-class AI price prediction platform for its Stakers and NFT holders. Such platforms are only available to few resourceful individuals in traditional markets. Unlike other DeFi projects that provide an unfair advantage to early participants, the Grise tokenomics works more or less like bonds and Certificates of Deposits, but it’s much better in terms of security, liquidity, profitability, and transparency.

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