Airdrop 100 000 LQF

🔥 On March 24, we launched Liquifi on BSC 🚀

🤯To celebrate the launch, we’re distributing 100k LQF to event supporters 🤤💰

Only 3 steps to take a part 👇

1⃣ Subscribe to our Telegram and Twitter✅
tg- ❗️

2⃣ Post about liquifi on your Linkedin/Twitter/Instagram /Reddit account with our link 👆, post supposed to be open until the end of promotion⚠️

3️⃣ Fill out the forms ( 👀

✅ By Thursday 14.04 all supporters will be recorded, and then tokens will be distributed

⚒ Liquifi — a new-gen AMM DEX on BSC and ETH
💣 Feature — solved price slippage and best exchange rates, even in small pools ⚖️
Independent Audit — the main guarantor of your investment 📄✅

PS: only personal accounts with more than 100 subscribers are involved. New accounts, store accounts, and communities will be disqualified




twitter: @tolga1500

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rolly khamuss

rolly khamuss

twitter: @tolga1500

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